International Students

Since 2009, Cross Pointe has "adopted" the international students who attend the College of Central Florida. The nations are virtually coming to our doorstep. CF attracts many students from around the world to study here - many from difficult-to-reach and far-off places. 

Our aim for the International Student Ministry is to reach out to these students and to share with them the good news of Jesus Christ. Our ultimate hope is that by ministering to international students, they would take the message they learn here and carry it around the world. 

Cross Pointe's International Student Ministry offers international students a number of activities to help connect them to God, to each other, and to the world:

English Small Group: On Sunday nights at 7:00 p.m, we have conversation-style classes for international and American students. We talk about our cultures, read and discuss stories that Jesus told, and have a great amount of fun. 

Adopt-a-Student: Many of the students come from very far away and are unable to return to their country for the two to five years that they are here. A new ministry that we are starting is an adopt-a-student ministry. Those who sign up with have a student (up to four) to connect with, e-mail, encourage, buy a birthday present, and invest in. Contact Scott at the church office to find out how!

Social Events: Roughly once a month we host social events during which members of the church and international students get together to do something fun, such as visiting St. Augustine, going kayaking at the Springs, and playing American football.

International Thanksgiving Dinner: This year will be our thirteenth year providing a free Thanksgiving dinner for our international students! People from Cross Pointe cook delicious Thanksgiving food and bring it to CF for a banquet for students from all over the world.