CONNECTING STUDENTS TO GOD, to each other, and to the world!

We make our mission come true in 3 ways:

    Teaching Students //  Equipping Students // Equipping Parents


On Sunday mornings our students are in the main service with their parents. Man of our students also volunteer in different ways on Sundays, including greeting, A.V., and helping with the kids ministry. 



C.P Students happens on Wednesday nights at 6:30pm. Studens come together to hear God's word, apply biblical principles, and ask questions. Our desire is for students to emotinally connect with god, be equipped for spiritual maturity, and to take the name of Jesus to the world. We often break into small groups, have tons of challenge games, each snacks, and laugh a lot!

Is your student coming to Wednesdy for the first time? Let us know by emailing Kyle so we can be on the lookout for your student with a warm welcome. Email Kyle by clicking here


Our students often have day trips as well as multilpe overnight trips. They attend retreats, camps, mission trips and much more. For more information, contact our Family Pastor, Kyle Engle. 

Our students need a parental release form filled out to go on events, which can be downloaded here


We have mass emails and text messages that go out weekly. If you would like to be added to those, let kyle Know by emailing him. Email Kyle by clicking here. Be sure to join the C.P. Students facebook group which is updated regularly as well by clicking on C.P. Students FB group

Click here to download the C.P. Student fall 2023 calendar