Reaching Our world for JEsus

"But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” (Acts 1:8)

We are passionate about showing people who Jesus is, whether it is in our own neighborhood or somewhere around the globe. We want to tangibly express God's love for humanity through community events, partnering with organizations here in Ocala, and planting churches both in America and abroad. Join us as we extend our mission beyond the walls and share the love of Jesus in our local and global community. 

We believe that it is very important for our people to take their faith outside our church walls and to make an impact for Jesus, both personally and in partnership with Cross Pointe. God has called our church to partner in planting a church in Atlanta and to serve unreached people groups in Mexico, while looking for the next place God has for us. We are actively looking to plant a church in NW Ocala and add a Spanish congregation/service on our church campus.


Our guiding verse in missions comes from Acts 1:8, where Jesus tells the disciples to be His witnesses in Jerusalem (their home base of operations), Judea (their country), Samaria (the land close by but culturally different), and the ends of the earth. Our model is the same. We want people to share Jesus where they work, where they live and where they play. We want to partner locally with schools and other organizations to meet needs and share the Gospel, both those who are "like us" and those who aren't. We also want to see churches planted around the world. If you are interested in getting involved, contact Scott!


    We are serious about reaching our local neighborhoods. We do this in so many ways, including community events, such as VBS, Fall Festivals and Easter Egg Hunts; Mission Ocala (day camps in partnership with the City of Ocala); and providing Thanksgiving baskets to those in need in our neighborhood.


  • LOCAL MINISTry Partnership

    There are so many needs in our community, and instead of starting up new ministries, we partner with those who are already at work in serving those in need. We have community liaisons who help our people connect with them, through small groups, through church-wide events, and through individuals with a passion and a heart for different segments of the population. Just a few of the organizations that we partner with are Interfaith Emergency Services, Arnette House the Women's Pregnancy Center, Hands of Mercy Everywhere, and more!



    Even though not everyone is able to travel overseas on a mission trip, we have been able as a church to reach internationally by meeting the needs of international students who study in Ocala at the College of Central Florida. Through this ministry, we have seen lives changed and have been able to send students back to their home countries as missionaries. We serve these students by "adopting" them when they first come to the states, through events and Bible studies, and Thanksgiving dinners!


  • Atlanta/East Point

    Through a partnership with the SEND Network of the North American Mission Board, we are partnering to start a church in East Point, a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. Our students take trips to support these efforts, holding day camps, block parties, doing street evangelism and prayer and so much more. 



    In central Mexico, in the mountains of the Eje Neovolcanico Mexico, is a group of villages that contain the Temascaltepec Nahuatl people, a people that are direct descendants from the Aztecs. Cross Pointe has working with them since 2019, learning about the Nahuatl people, connecting with them, and sharing the gospel. And God has been at work. We take a number of mission trips there every year. 



    Since 2009, Cross Pointe has been active in this underserved community in our city. Every summer, we hold day camps (called Mission Ocala) in places like section 8 housing developments such as Steeplechase and Green Gables, and more recently, the E.D. Croskey Center. We have a heart for this area and are connecting with city and local organizations to meet needs and share the gospel.