Back to SChool PRayer WEekend - August 22-23

Download this prayer sheet for printing!

It is an amazingly important time to cover our schools, their staff, and their students in prayer. You can play your part by joining with other Cross Pointe people by visiting local schools and praying for them. You can pray at the school nearest you, for a school where your child or grandchild goes, for a school where you know a teacher, or any one (or as many) as you’d like!

Because schools are closed to the public, especially now, simply drive to the school and park either on the side of the road or a parking lot where you can see the school. Pray aloud with your family for the following things:

Administrators - Pray that the administrators would be given wisdom and guidance to make the best decisions possible.

Teachers - Pray that teachers would be able to teach in a way that produces understanding. Pray for God to give them peace and strength as they deal with the increased needs and demands of the classroom.

Support Staff - Pray that the support staff would be treated with gratitude and are able to see the difference they make in students’ lives. Pray that they would have the resources necessary to complete their job efficiently and effectively. 

Students - Pray that God would grant students knowledge and understanding. Pray that they would have perseverance to finish strong and that their great needs, both tangible and intangible, would be met.

Families - Pray that God would strengthen the families of the children who will be attending school this year, and that He would give them wisdom, peace, and patience as they encourage and raise them.

Safety - Pray for a hedge of protection to surround this campus. Whether it is illnesses or bullying, pray that threats to the health and safety of the campus would be eliminated.

Christ Represented - Pray that there would be a strong representation of Christ’s love on this campus. Pray for Christian students, faculty, staff, and families to be beacons of light who would draw others to Him. 

Thank you for praying for our schools! We would like to contact the schools that have been prayed for, so after you pray for a school, please text Scott at 352-208-9959 or e-mail him so that we can follow up!